Drill Press Swing and How to Measure it

What is drill press swing?

Drill press swing is defined as the distance multiplied by “2” from the center of the spindle (where the drill bit would be put) to the support column (the pole that supports the drill press upright).

Why do we need it?

The drill press swing tells us the radii of the largest circle that can be drilled from the center of any material. It gives an accurate estimate of the diameter of the largest material that can be used on a particular drill press.

For example, if the distance from the spindle to the support column of the drill press is 7 inches, then the drill press has an effective swing of 14 inches. what this implies is that if you were working on a square material, the largest dimensions of the material has to be 14 by 14. Anything larger than that won’t fit on the worktable. However, materials lesser than the 14 by 14-inch dimensions can be worked on effectively.

The same goes for a circular material; a material with a diameter larger than 14 inches won’t fit onto the worktable properly; however, materials with a diameter smaller than 14 inches would fit perfectly.

The importance of the drill press swing is that it helps us determine the size of the drill press to get when making our buying decision, and this decision is largely influenced by the size of the material to be worked on.

If you work on heavy-duty jobs regularly, the best practice would be to get a drill press with a large enough swing between 12 to 17 inches. That way, it can comfortably accommodate any material size being worked on. If you are a simple DIYer or homeowner, you should probably get a tool with a swing size between 8 to 12 inches, as this would be able to properly accommodate most home jobs.

Keep in mind that larger swing sizes of between 12 to 17 inches are usually found on floor drill presses, while the smaller swing sizes are more peculiar with the benchtop models.

Usually, manufacturers use the swing size as a marketing technique, and it is usually advertised along with the product name and model.

How to measure drill press swing?

The measurement of a drill press swing can be carried out by placing a measuring device from the mouth of the drill bit to the body of the column holding the drill press head. Multiply the value you got in inches by a factor of 2; the resulting value is your drill press swing.

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