Dewalt DCD791 Review: Cordless Compact Drill/Driver

A drill will make a hole into the material while a drive would run a fastener through the material. The Dewalt DCD791 cordless compact drill/driver is one of the best cordless drills offered by Dewalt. They are part of the recent Dewalt’s creations and come in the most modern features which we would discuss below.

There are 3 different drills in the Dewalt DCD791 series and they consist of the Dewalt DCD791B, DCD791P1, and DCD791D2. These drills/drives are used by DIYers, for woodworks, and metal works. They are not for very heavy duty but will outdo other drills or drives in their rank. Below are some of their important features.

Dewalt DDC791 Features

Have you wondered why the Dewalt brand stands out or why some people are so obsessed with the brand? We would talk about the Dewalt DCD791 drills first in this article, in the end, you would understand why to some it is the black and yellow tool or nothing.

The Build Designs

The Dewalt DCD791 drills are compact so the design took into consideration the need to work in tight spaces. They are high-impact drills compared to drills in the same category and they come in a combination of plastic and metal.

You would know a Dewalt brand just by looking at it, they have a stand-out yellow and black color so the DCD791 drill series all follow the same pattern.

Another thing about this design is the rubberized grip around the handle which would prevent the drill from slipping from your hand while working, this makes the tool easy to control.

These drills are easy to handle and are of average weight. The tool may not excel when it is used for continuous heavy-duty work and should not be used on hard surfaces like concrete.

The drills in the DCD791 categories have a lock-off function that determines the direction of rotation.


Dewalt DCD791 drills are designed at the height of advanced technology. They come with a brushless motor design which is an upgrade from the previously brushed motors.

Due to this advancement, the motor now lasts longer than before and is more durable. The compactness of the overall design is also a result of the improved motor.

A brushless motor has a reduced amount of energy wasted due to friction, hence there is more energy for work. This means that this drill would consume less power for the same work done by a brushed motor.


The DCD791 drill series all use the lithium-ion battery which can deliver a maximum of 20 volts. The battery also comes with a 3 LED light indicator that shows the battery level.

4 Dewalt XR batteries can fit into any of these drills but they vary by their Amp Hour. If you are going to require the drill to work for a long period before it runs down then you should consider getting a battery with a more Amp hour rating because the more the amp-hour rating, the more the run time.


Torque refers to the amount of rotational force that is available for work. The DCD791 drills are designed to produce a torque of 460 UWO which is approximately equal to 340 foot-pounds per second. This is the power that the drill can deliver which is quite impressive when you test it. The torque on this drill can be varied depending on the amount needed. The speed of the drill is inversely proportional to the torque which means that a drill with more speed, would have less torque but when the speed is low there would be more energy used as torque. It is, therefore, logical to use the lower speed for tedious works.


The drill comes in two-speed settings. The first one has a range between 0-550 RPM and is used to deliver more torque. They are therefore suitable for drilling tougher materials like steel and tough wood.

The other speed setting 0-2000 RPM is the faster speed setting and is suitable where speed is more important than torque. This is very useful when you are drilling through light materials.

The variable speed design is important because they make the drill suitable for different drilling conditions. Once the battery is connected to the drill, the speed is automatically activated by depressing the speed lever and stops when it is released.


The drill comes with a ½ inch metal ratcheting chuck. Unlike some other models that come with a plastic chuck, the metal chuck has a better advantage for strength and durability.

It is also important to note that the chuck is keyless so you do not need a key to open or tighten the grip to attach a bit. While rotating the chuck to the right or left the grip can be loosened or tightened to give assess to the drill bit as required.

Further tightening can be done by gently depressing the speed lever. This is quite great because the key of a keyed chuck can be misplaced.

Now everything is compacted in one place and you don’t have to worry about misplacing anything. This is another great thing about the design.


This set of drills come with 15 different clutch settings which also determines the amount of torque that the work would get. The clutch is located at the neck of the drill and is very accessible.

Most users usually do not bother about the clutch setting but it becomes important when the drill has a combination of an ordinary drill and the hammer drill. The DCD791 drill series do not have the hammer drill function so it is not so important now.

LED light

The drills have 3 light mode settings that can be used depending on the brightness needed. It has low, medium, and high modes ranging between 45 lumens to 90 lumens.

To conserve the battery, having it at medium light mode is better as it gives optimum performance for both brightness and battery conservation. The LED light has a 20 minutes shut-off function that allows you to work using the drill as a source of light without using the drill itself.

A drill that works as a flashlight, well it’s just great.

Another good thing about this LED light is its position. It is positioned at the base of the drill which makes it very functional. The problem of covering the light accidentally with your hand is totally out of the picture.


  • Great for DIY users
  • Over torque shut off function
  • Great light


  • No handle
  • Teeth get blunt with intensive use
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty.

Comparison Between the Dewalt DCD791B, DCD791P1, and DCD791D2

These are all drills and have a very similar model of action and design but they have their differences too. One obvious thing is their size difference.

Dewalt DCD791B is the smallest among the 3 and has a size of 8.31×3×7.56 inches, the Dewalt DCD791P1 has a larger size of 12.64×3.78×9.92 inches, while the largest Dewalt DCD791D2 is 16.22×4.5×10.1 inches.

As the size varies so does the weight from the lightest 3.4 pounds to the heaviest 7.9 pounds. This accounts for the type of work they can do. The Dewalt DCD791B would be for lighter jobs like drilling through light wood while the DCD791D2 would be used to drill holes or to spin fasteners through a thicker wood and metal.

They may all use the same lithium-ion battery but due to the type of work, the DCD791D2 would be used for, it requires two lithium-ion batteries. Another thing to note is that the Dewalt DCD791D2 and the Dewalt DCD791B can come as a bare tool in case you already have the battery and charger while the Dewalt DCD791P1 comes in a full kit that includes the drill driver, 1 battery, 1 charger, and a kit bag. If you are looking to purchase just the tool, the options become thinner as you just have to select between two options.


Among the 3 drills in the DCD791 series, the Dewalt DCD791D2 stands out. It is stronger and would do a better job than the rest of them.

It is also bigger which means that it would not fit into certain spaces. Again, choosing between the 3 drills/drive depends on what you want to use them for. They are strong drills/drives that would get the work done and last long if you don’t use them for something more than their capacity.

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