CDI Torque Wrench Review (1002MFRMH)

Torque wrenches are special types of wrenches that are used to deliver a preset or predetermined amount of rotational force on a receiving object usually a fastener.

In modern-day technology, everything has to be in a set amount else you may not achieve the desired result. Today we would discuss the best torque wrench that would deliver a preset amount of torque to a fastener which is very ideal for precision work.

CDI Torque Wrench Features 


The CDI Torque Wrench would deliver a torque of between 20–150-foot pounds which are proportional to about 34 – 197 NM. This is would cover most torque requirements for most projects so it is a very handy tool for a DIY user.

Calibration on this CDI Torque Wrench is laser etched which is clear and easy to read.

The CDI Torque Wrench may look small but it does its work excellently. It weighs only 3 pounds which makes it easy to use for a long period without unnecessary fatigue.

On this tool, there is a quick release bottom which makes the head grip any socket used on it properly and also makes it easy to remove any socket by just depressing it.


It has a 3/8-inch fixed square head which can be fitted into a 3/8-inch socket of different sizes. The overall dimension of this tool is 16×1.43×1.2 inches which are compact enough to fit into tight areas and strong enough to do the job.


The CDI Torque Wrench is entirely made of metal and it is fully polished. As a metal, the tool is very durable and strong. The metal is finely finished, very nice has no dents or sharp edges and it has an attractive appearance.

This torque wrench can work in extreme conditions and still perform well because it is built to be rugged. Manufacturers of this tool say that the tool offers users a rugged industrial strength and can withstand the rigor of professional use.


Objects like the CDI Torque Wrench tend to get slippery due to the environment they are being used in so the manufacturer has considered this by providing a light knurl on the handle which makes it anti-slip.

The knurls give users a good grip on the tool even when it is slippery making it easy and very safe to use under this condition.


The CDI 1003MFRMH micrometer adjustment torque wrench is a tool manufactured by the Snap-On industrial brand CDI torque.

It delivers a preset torque to a fastener so that you do not overtighten the fastener.

Manufacturers usually give torque ratings on most machines that use bolts and nuts which should be adhered to strictly if you are going to enjoy the tool for a long period.

With this torque wrench, you would be able to the exact amount prescribed, and guess what? When the torque reaches that amount it releases and notifies you with a click.

It is the best in the market and the top on the list of manual torque wrenches. As a manual wrench, there is no issue of dying or the need to charge. All you have to do is use it and then continue to use it.


  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The click seems to be inconsistent.

Reviews From Users

This tool has a total of 91% of users leaving a review between 4 stars and 5 stars. If 91% of users are satisfied with its use then you can be assured that you would enjoy this tool too.

Among the reviewers are those that have used the tool for about 3 years now and they know what they are talking about.

It also has a high 4.5-star review on the ease of use and a 4.2-star review on the level of accuracy of this tool.

The manufacturers and users of this tool speak one language which is quite easy to learn and use after you have bought this tool. Buy this impressive precision CDI Torque Wrench and speak the language of quality, strength, durability accuracy, fast, precise… just keep adding it, you have already got the hang of it.

How to use the CDI Torque Wrench 

  • Set the wrench to the required torque
  • Attach the 3/8-inch adaptor size that is suitable for the fastener you want to work on.
  • Rotate the torque wrench gently till it releases or you hear the click sound which goes simultaneously.
  • Once it clicks, it shows that the total torque on the fastener is equal to the set torque on the wrench.

How to set the torque on the CDI Torque wrench

  • Pull the collar at the end of the wrench outwards
  • Turn the dial to the right torque.
  • Turn counterclockwise to go down the scale and clockwise to go up the scale.
  • Torque increases from the bottom upward.
  • Stop at the torque rating you need then release the collar.


The CDI torque wrench will always find its place where precision is required such as in airplane assembling, automobile assembling, and other constructions that require precise torque on fasteners.

This particular one is very great as there is no need for charging batteries. It is also handy and would work even in a place of limited space.

It is a great tool to add to your collection and the best precision CDI torque wrench suited for DIY users and other professional use. It has a great review from users and a great name, I do not see a downside.

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