Best Time to Buy Power Tools: Tips to Save Your Money

Throughout the year, power tool companies offer sales and promotions that make it easy to expand your tool collection or finally get around to tackling projects around the house.

Manufacturers have created a wide variety of tools with a varied price range to match. Once you have selected the tool you wish to purchase, it’s important to understand when the best deal will be available.

Let’s break down the most popular times of the year to buy tools and get the most bang for your buck.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

When a tool is required to get a job done, and there’s no time to delay, the best time to make a purchase is right now. However, when it comes to upgrading, replacing, or expanding your toolbox, many times, waiting for the best deal is the right choice.

Most businesses offer special deals and prices on Labor Day and Black Friday for electronics, furniture, toys, and power tools.

Traditionally, the most popular time for companies to offer the lowest prices on tools is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Purchasing tools over the holiday season will save a lot of money, as businesses compete with each other over who can offer the lowest price.

It’s helpful to note that some of the best deals are available after the holiday season. Everyone is exhausted from spending and buying gifts for others, so the inventory that’s left in-store is often marked down until it’s gone. Savvy shoppers will stock up on wanted, but not necessarily needed, tools during this time.

Tools created by store brands tend to be discounted more often as they have better inventory control than outside manufacturer’s products.

If it isn’t ideal to wait until the end of the year to buy tools, there is generally a surge in low prices in April. This is handy information for those who are thinking about purchasing tools for Father’s Day.

And don’t forget the random weekend sales that stores will offer to boost sales in the slow times. They are unpredictable for consumers, so it’s necessary to keep your eyes open for store ads not to miss anything.

Best Places to Get the Best Deals

In years past, power tools could only be purchased in major department stores and hardware stores. Now, many special offers on power tools are available online and in-store.

Sometimes these companies sell refurbished or open-box tools that have been previously owned. It’s essential to know the company’s warranty and return policy before making a purchase. This can help guarantee that if you get a broken tool, there is a way to get a refund or receive a replacement tool.

If having a warranty on a tool is less important than grabbing a great deal, consider heading to the neighborhood pawnshop to find what you’re looking for. This can serve as a valuable local resource for selling tools so you can purchase new ones.

Buying tools is an investment, so it’s important to research and avoid overpaying for something that might only be used a few times. For those who regularly purchase tools, many people choose to stick with one brand that they know and trust. This enables the buyer to watch the prices of one particular company to discover when and where the best deal is being offered.   

It’s also beneficial to read online reviews before spending time and money shopping around for the best deal. Online shopping gives the buyer seemingly unlimited options. Still, it removes one of the most valuable tools for anyone wanting to make a purchase – a store representative that you can talk to face-to-face.

When you visit a department or hardware store to look at tools, a hands-on expert can advise you on what to buy. This person has talked to hundreds of others who were looking at power tools. They can tell you the comments, compliments, and complaints of those they have spoken to. These experts can demonstrate tools and provide insider information that can help the consumer make wise decisions regarding purchasing tools. Also, we have tons of product reviews on our website. Feel free to check them out.

The Right Tool for the Right Project

The best price doesn’t always equal the most reliable tool. A cheap power tool can cost more money in the end. However, if you overspend on a quality tool, it can prevent you from buying other supplies needed for a project.

There are three essential power tools that every homeowner needs – a power drill, an electric sander, and a circular saw. You can complete just about any home repair job with these three tools. These are also some of the tools that are offered at a discount in almost every major sale.

A power drill is perfect for the times when a hammer can’t do the job. It can handle drilling through multiple surfaces with ease and minimal effort from the operator.

An electric sander can be used when patching walls or finishing off a project involving wood.

A circular saw is a time-saver for any homeowner. It enables them to cut wood for various home projects instead of using a cumbersome hand saw and in a quarter of the time.

All three of these fundamental tools come in corded and battery-operated versions. You will notice a price difference, as uncorded tools tend to cost more because of their powerful rechargeable batteries.

Often, when tools have been given a significant upgrade or a new tool is introduced to the market, manufacturers will offer a one-time low price to help the tool gain market share. The downside is that the buyer can’t read reviews or learn from other’s experiences from a tool that no one has owned before. If you don’t mind not having this information, you can stay on the cutting edge of tool technology.

Don’t forget to mark your tools for identification because it is a common scenario when a group of people works together, they mix up amongst the tools belonging to different people.


When it comes to tools, there is a wide variety of brands, prices, and tools to choose from. Purchasing power tools at the best available price take careful planning. Otherwise, when you may experience sticker shock when buying a tool for a new project.

Read reviews, ask for advice from a trusted professional, and get the tool of your dreams for the best price.

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