10 Best Impact Driver Bit Set Review and Buying Guide

You must have an impact driver bit set if you are going to use an impact driver. Impact driver bits are non-negotiable because they are the ones that can withstand the force and stress that an impact driver delivers.

Driver bits are specially designed to efficiently transmit the torque to the fastener and to be durable. We have taken our time to select the top 10 best impact driver bits set among a whole lot which we would discuss below.

Top Impact Driver Bit Set

  • Best Overall: Makita E-01644 XPS Impact Bit Set

“The overall boss set is designed for any type of work and is on top of every possible driving condition.”

  • Best Budget: Dewalt DWA2T40IR Impact Ready Bit Set.

“Great bit set for DIY users and light driving works.”

  • Premium Choice: Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit Set

A bonus bit set that combines quality and value.”

  • Best for Professionals: Milwaukee Impact Driver Bit Set

“Durable bit set with bits sizes that cut across all forms of professional work.”

  • Best for Beginners: Dewalt Flex Torque Impact Driver Bit Set

“Strong and durable Dewalt product with customizable bit bar.”

  • Best for Households: Amazon Basics Impact Driver Bit Set.

“A durable product that would make the DIY project as simple as possible with a see-through case.

  • Best All You Need Set: Titan 16251 Torsion Impact Bit Set

“Tough set with all the bits you need.”

  • Best with Screwdriver Bits: Bosch SDMS48 Impact Bit Set

“Durable set with an easy-to-read size marking and customizable case.”

  • Best Combo Set: Norske Tools Combo Bit Set

“The tech set with a magnetic dimpler for driving bits to the perfect depth.”

  • Best with Nut Driver Bit: Klein Tools 32799 Impact Driver Bit Set

“A durable bit set for hard-to-reach fasteners and suitable for electricians.”

10 Best Impact Driver Bit Set Review

We have carefully selected the following best impact driver bit set based on their characteristics, hands-on experience, and user’s review. It is a summary of what you should expect from each of the driver bit sets.

1. Best Overall: Makita E-01644 XPS Impact Bit Set

The Makita E-01644 XPS comprises a total of 60 bits and like in several other categories, the Makita set is our best pick and number one on the line of the Best impact driver bit set.

The tool is made from a very strong carbon-alloy steel which makes it able to withstand high torsion and energy associated with drilling.

Makita says that the bit would last 90 times more than the standard impact bits. this is quite a brag but Makita has never failed to meet up to its standards.

In the design of the bit, we see that the tool has some features that make it strong durable, and tough. The tip is properly machined to make sure it fits correctly into the head of the fastener, while a pulse torsion ring and torsion zone allow for efficient energy distribution throughout the body of the bit.

The tool is designed to have less valence even when the amount of torque applied is very high. The Makita E-01644 has an XPS power bit that is used with high torque impact drivers and the XPS magnetic insert bit holder which allows for an easy one-handed operation.

There is little wonder why this bit is chosen as our first in the line of our Best impact driver bit set. It is designed for the work and takes into consideration all the possible situations that can be encountered during a drilling exercise.


  • Very compact
  • Very durable
  • High precision work


  • It is pricey

2. Best Budget: Dewalt DWA2T40IR Impact Ready Bit Set

The Dewalt DWA2T40IR Impact Ready Bit Set is our pick for those that are budget conscious. We know how difficult it is to spend the money so we have come with a set that is not too expensive and would deliver as promised.

Let us check the specs. To withstand the energy and torsion involved in drilling the Dewalt bits are made of heat-treated tool steel which is strong, and resistant to wear and corrosion.

The bits are CNC machined which makes them able to fit onto the head of a screw and drive them with less cam-out despite the torque used. Aside from making the tool strong, durable, and optimized for high performance, this brand went further to consider how the tool is stored and organized.

The case is see-through so you can check your tool at a glance and it is easy to fit and remove bits from the bit bar due to the patented improved design. If you purchase this toolset, you would be able to customize your bit bar for better efficiency.

This tool is good for DIYers and other light work so if you are not into heavy-duty screw driving, then this tool is for you as it would cut cost and deliver value.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Durable


  • Inconsistent quality.
  • Not easy to detach a bit from the bit bar.

3. Premium Choice: Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit Set

The Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit Set is our premium choice among the 10 Best impact driver bits set we have chosen. It has all that is needed by a professional in a one-bit set.

It has the Hex, Philips, Torx, and socket bit. It also comes with high-quality bits holders and socket adapter.

The bit can withstand high drilling stress because they are made of industrial-grade steel which has been heat-treated.

The Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit Set has both metric and UAE bits which can be easily identified by their length with the metric bit being shorter than the UAE bit.

The total of 50 bits come in a black blow-molded plastic case for easy tool organization. Sizes and marking on the Steelman Pro 78633 bits are laser etched and are clear and readable.

This tool kit is like a bonus that combines both quality and value.


  • Great design.
  • Great value for the price.
  • It has all you’ll need


  • It is fragile

4. Best for Professionals: Milwaukee Impact Driver Bit Set

If you are a professional looking for a driver bit set that has a combination of lasting performance, optimized resistance, extended productivity, and an ability to work in extreme conditions then the Milwaukee 48-32-4038 Impact Driver Bit Set is your go-to.

The bits in this set can absorb peak torque without breaking because they have an optimized shock zone. They feature a laser hardened tip that makes the bit wear-resistant.

A custom alloy 76 which has been heat-treated is the material these bits are made of so you can be assured that it would not fail even in the harshest condition. It is clear and easy to read markings on these bits because it is marked with a big-sized laser etching.

The Milwaukee 48-32-4038 Impact Driver Bit Set is a great product with 100 pieces that cover all the sizes that a professional would need. It also provides extra for commonly used bits so that if one gets broken you do not have to buy a new set.


  • Geat for professionals
  • Very Durable 
  • Very versatile.


  • Over duplication of some bits

5. Best for Beginners: Dewalt Flex Torq Impact Driver Bit Set

The DWA2NGFT40IR is another bit set manufactured by Dewalt. A beginner who needs something simple would find this set very handy. They are tough, powerful, precise, and dependable.

They would get things done regardless of how difficult the task is. They have a wide assortment of drills that covers all the drilling activities that any beginner would do.

These Dewalt bits are made from heat-treated tool steel which is strong, and resistant to wear and corrosion. Due to the high-level CNC machining, the bit goes through, they can fit perfectly into the head of a screw and would not cam out under high torque.

To reduce bit dropping and wobbling, the bit comes with a magnetic screw lock sleeve. The Dewalt DWA2NGFT40IR bit set has a customizable bit bar design which allows you to redesign it to your taste and work type.

The case is see-through and features a clip latch for secure closing.

This toolset is great at providing a strong and durable bit for different types of screw driving a beginner can be involved in and features a see-through case for easy tool organization.


  • Flexible design.
  • Made of tough material.


  • Inconsistent quality.

6. Best for Households: Amazon Basics Impact Driver Bit Set.

The specification on this tool reads “32 pieces impact driver bit set ideal for use on electronic devices, home appliances, furniture and more.”

So, you would understand why we picked it as the best tool for households on our 10 Best impact driver bits set. Household use or not this tool has to be rugged that is why it is made of durable wear-resistant S2 steel and it is finished with black color.

When you see steel having an S2 grading, it shows that it has been passed through series of heating during manufacturing to make it stronger and durable. They are hard and resistant to friction and deformation.

The kit includes 31 commonly used bit sizes and a magnetic bit holder that keeps the bits in place. There is no need to worry about losing any of the bits because there is a strong plastic case for easy bit organization plus it is see-through.

There is no household driving that this tool will not stand up to. It would do the job precisely and is willing to stick around for long because of its high durability.

Do you know that it would fit into your pocket or pouch?


  • Easy to remove bits from case
  • Durable bits
  • Great price
  • Very portable

7. Best All You Need Set: Titan 16251 Torsion Impact Bit Set

The Titan 16251 is our best all you need set pick. What could you possibly need from a bit?


They are made from manganese phosphate which has a special ability to resist corrosion in addition to other properties such as hardness and speed lubricating effect which makes it quite a great material for bits.

Variety and versatility?

They have commonly used bits such as the Philips, square, hex, and slotted bits with assorted adapters and chucks.

But wait that is not all, the hex bit also comes in both the UAE and the metric set which is very versatile. The set has bits with well-designed torsion flex to withstand stressful use from impact drivers which deliver a high amount of torque.

All the energy is safely transferred without breaking the bits and the lubricating effect of manganese phosphate is a plus for this energy distribution through the body of the bit.

If you work on various types and sizes of fasteners, you should consider having this because it has all you can ever need and more.

Yes more, it is very durable and properly machined.


  • Very durable.
  • Great design.
  • Very versatile.

8. Best with Screwdriver Bits: Bosch SDMS48 Impact Bit Set

On our 10 Best impact driver bit set, the Bosh SDMS48 is our pick for the best screwdriver bits. These bits are designed to give 10 times more durability than the standard impact bits.

I will not doubt that because from the look it radiates quality plus bosh has a good name for quality.

Bosh has built each of these bits to be strong by having an extended torsion zone that absorbs excess torque and an engineered bit tip that would have less cam-out.

The case for the Bosh SDMS48 is great for tool organization and it has a tilt-in tilt-out mechanism that makes it easy to get bits in and out of the clip.

The rubber around the case makes it anti-slip and would protect it if it falls, while a secure latch clip would ensure that the case stays close. It is easy to manufacture a rigid case for tool organization, it would perform its primary function but when users are allowed to personalize their tool case, it is very commendable.

The Bosh SDMS48 allows users to customize their tool kit which aside from being innovative and flexible it makes working with the tool more efficient.

The tool is great and would recommend it any day any time. It has a good contrast which makes it easy to read their size marks.


  • Easy to read markings
  • Very durable
  • Good quality product

9. Best Combo Set: Norske Tools Combo Bit Set

Have you experienced a situation where a bit set has too many of a particular size?

Well, that is not this Norske bit set, this one is just the right size you need in the best possible combination that is why we picked it as the best combo set.

The Norske tool screwdriver bit set is a set of 40 pieces 2nd generation impact bit that boasts of 40 times longer life span. I cannot say but from the looks, it seems like it would deliver, let us check.

It has an advanced tech design that would absorb excess stress and prevent the bit from breaking. It is made from steel which is a strong material but with an S2 grade, the bits are hard, resistant to wear, and can continue working even under high temperatures.

The tip of the bits is properly machined hence they have a perfect grip on the screw head. Another important feature of this Norske tool is the 2” magnetic dimpler which should be preset to allow screws to be driven to the perfect depth and no further.

This tool has a great combination of bits and you cannot be disappointed that you purchased it. Norske tools have promised to lead the industry in precision, performance, and innovation. With this Norske bit set, I would say they have delivered as promised.


  • Very durable
  • High precision and accuracy 
  • Great value for money

10. Best with Nut Driver Bit: Klein Tools 32799 Impact Driver Bit Set

The Klien tool 32799 is our pick for the set with the best nut driver. The impact power bit and drives are designed to be longer than normal which makes it easy for you to work on hard-to-reach fasteners.

This Klein tool is strong and is made from the S2 impact steel grades which are known to be long-lasting and tough. These bits can withstand the high torque needed for driving fasteners. Electricians would find this bit set exceptionally useful as it is designed to make their work easy.

In a work area with different tools, tools can get mixed up but with the color-coding on the Klein tool, tools can be easily identified. You know the color you use often so you can just pick the color out of a whole lot of bits.

The tool also comes with a good storage case for easy tool storage and organization. The case has a spring-loaded stay-shut latch and hidden storage for loose bits.

If you are an electrician or you have problems reaching fasteners then this tool is your go-to. It bridges the gap and makes driving easier.


  • Good quality
  • Easy tool identification color-codes
  • Suitable for hard-to-reach fasteners

Best Impact Driver Bits Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Buying an Impact Driver Bits

This section would talk about some of the things you should know or consider when you want to buy any of our best impact driver bit set. it is better to be too informed and make the best choice than to buy a set that would not serve you. So, let’s get started.

Variety of Bits

There are various types of bits for different uses. You may be wondering why they are so many.

There are many types of screws and drilling activity cuts across several different screws. Bit manufacturers know this so they provide their kits with commonly needed bits.

It is good to know the type of screws you would be working on but if you do not have an idea, then you should get a set that can drive commonly used screws like Philips, Torx, and hex screws.


Manufacturers use different materials for different reasons. Some bits are built for simple use while others are for continuous heavy-duty work.

Bits should be resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and high torque so they should be made of impact-resistant materials such as S2 steel, Manganese phosphate, or impact grade steel. Also, steel materials that have been heat-treated would work just fine.

Size and Markings

Size and markings should be clear and durable and you should consider the laser-etched size markings.

For those that are new or do not have any idea of the common sizes of bits, the most common sizes have a range between 1/16 inches and 1/4 inches. With this range, you would be able to work on most screws.

Other Accessories

These are the other accessories that come in a bit set to make driving easier. They include the insert bit holder which can be magnetic depending on the manufacturer, the case for tool organization, and the adapters. You should consider all this before buying especially because they influence how easy your driving job would be.

Common types of bits

Whether in the Best impact driver bit set, or the average impact driver bit set, they all come with a variety of drive bits which include the Philips, Torx, hex, Pozidriv, Nutsetter drywall, square drive bits amongst others in different combinations. They also come with multiple of the same bit depending on the manufacturer.

Philips Driver Bit

The Philips driver bit is meant to drive a Philips screw into materials like wood, or metal. They can be easily identified by their cross-shaped tip. In a set with proper marking, they are usually denoted by the P prefix. When you are using a Philip bit, you would not be able to apply excess torque because if you do, it would simply came out.

Torx Driver Bit

This type of bit has 6 recesses like a star shape. They are used on fasteners that have a 6 rounded point. Their efficiency of torque transfer makes them easy to work with and you would exert less energy to press down the drill while using them. In the bit set, they can be identified by the T prefix.

Hex Driver Bit 

These are 6 sided bits that fit into a hex screw head. They are used to drive screws with a hexagonal socket. They are slightly similar to the Torx bit while the Torx has a star shape the hex has a hexagonal shape. They can be identified in the toolset by the H prefix.

Pozidriv Driver Bit

This driver bit is an advancement from the cross-shaped Philip bits. They have less cam-out than the Philips bit and can take more torque. Although the Philips and the Pozidrive can be used interchangeably by an experienced person, it is not advisable to do so.

It is easy to identify a Pozidrive due to its extra rib which is at 45° to the main cross shape. On the bit set, they can be easily identified with the PZ prefix.


This is very similar to a nut driver just that it is driven with an impact tool. They have a recess in the head that fits on the bolt or nut they are to drive. They can have 6 or 12 sides and are used to drive lag screws or bolts. Some manufacturers make them magnetic to make a one-handed operation easy.

Drywall Bits

These bits are specially designed to create a clean drill through the drywall. They have a specially designed cutting feature which makes them suitable for those that install fittings on drywalls. Electricians make use of these bits a lot when installing electric boxes. They come in different designs depending on the bit manufacturer.

Square Driver Bits

The square driver bits are easily identifiable amongst other bits because of their simple square outline. They are used to drive screws that have a square socket on their head. You can identify them in a bit set by their SQ prefix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common screw bit?

The slotted and the Philips bits are the most common bit. The slotted bit is not common with power tools because they have very high cam-out tendencies.

The Philip bits are used in many areas such as for fixture and fittings, woodworks, etc. The Philips bit is used with power tools and experiences less cam-out than the slotted bit and would only cam-out when the torque exceeds a certain amount.

Do I need special bits for an impact driver?

Impact drivers are associated with high torque and energy transmission which an ordinary bit cannot withstand. If you use an ordinary bit on an impact driver it would shatter in no time but with a special impact bit, it would take a long time before it finally gives in.

So yes, you need a special impact bit for an impact driver.

What is the difference between #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers?

Screwdrivers are designed for specific screws and this is the case with the #1 and the #2 Philips screwdriver. While the #1 Philips bit is used to drive screw numbers 2, 3, and 4, the #2 Philips bit is used on screw numbers 5,6,7,8, and 9. They may have a similar job but they have specific screw numbers that they are designed to work on.

What is the difference between driver bits and drill bits?

Driver bits are used to drive a fastener into the material while a drill bit is used for removing part of the material so that a hole is created, usually circular in outline.

Driver bits include the Philips, Torx, Hex bits, etc. while the drill bits include twist drill bits, metal drill bits, etc.

How to choose the correct driver bit?

First, you need to know the screw-type you are working on whether it is Philips, Torx, Hex, Pozidriv, etc. After identifying the screw type you should pick the bit that fits the screw type.

Every bit set comes with markings that will help you easily identify the bits. In the bit set, the Philips bit has a PH prefix, Torx has a T prefix, hex bits have an H prefix, Pozidriv has a PZ prefix, and so on.

Furthermore, you need to identify the bit size to use for the screw. The Philips bits for example comes in 5 sizes but the right bit for the job would sit perfectly into the head of the screw.

You can also use some online charts that match the bit type and size to their specific screw type and size to determine which bit to use on a screw.

Don’t get confused between impact swivel socket and impact driver bits. Impact swivel sockets are used in impact wrenches which is different than impact drivers.

Final verdict

Among our Best impact driver bit set your choice would depend on what you want to use them for, how heavy duty your work is, and your budget. Our Best impact driver bit sets are durable if you use them for what they are designed for. If you use a bit that is designed for light-duty for heavy-duty work because it is cheap, then there is only one thing that can be expected. The set would continue to give in. Therefore, buy the set that matches your work type and you will not be disappointed.

Photo of author

Jason D. Turner

Hi there! My name is Jason, a keen enthusiast in power tools and their mechanisms and the sole mastermind behind the Noisy Tools. Working in a multi-national construction firm in Brooklyn for over a decade, I have developed a fair flair for different construction devices, gadgets, and their diverse operational aspects. By the dint of this platform, I have researched and reviewed various tools with utmost details of even the most trivial matters that will provide valuable insights for any prospective user.

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