10 Best Flare Nut Wrenches to Loosen Fasteners

The best flare nut wrenches can help you to loosen fasteners on lines without rounding their head or breaking them. As with the best flare nut wrenches, these budget models offer such features as a strong head for a powerful grip on fasteners, a fully polished finish, 5 contact points on fasteners, and a tray, bag, or pouch for easy storage and organization.

Top Best Flare Nut Wrenched

1. Best Overall: GearWrench Flare nut wrench Set

2. Best Budget: Dewalt Flare Nut Wrench Set

3. Premium Choice: OEM Tools Flex Head Flare Nut Set

4. Craftsman Standard and Metric Flare Nut Wrench

5. Sunex Tool SAE and Metric Flare Wrench

6. William Double Head SAE Flare Nut Wrench

7. Genius Tool Flare Nut Wrench

8. Crescent Flare nut wrench

9. GreatNeck Flare Nut Wrench

10. SATA Flare Nut Wrench

10 Best Flare Nut Wrenches Review

We have chosen the top 10 best flare wrenches and have done a thorough overview based on their specifications and Hands-on experience.

1.The GearWrench Flare nut wrench set (6 pieces)

The GearWrench (model number 81906) is a China-made metric flare nut wrench. They hold the title of overall best. You would opt for this if you are hoping to work on hexagonal nuts that are made from soft material and you want to have a good grip without damaging the fastener.

This alloy steel tool finished with polished chrome is strong, durable, easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant. They offer a 15° offset wrench head which is great for getting into places easily and they come in a tray for easy tool storage and organization. It is easy to read size markings on the Gearwrench (model number 81906) and they are stamped on both sides.

This product would elegantly stand up to daily use without breaking a sweat. They are longer than an average flare nut wrenches which can be good for leverage and a disadvantage in tight space.

The (model number 81906) covers 12 different sizes which include 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, 15 × 17 mm, 16 × 18 mm, 19 × 21 mm.


  • Great-value price match.
  • Very durable.
  • Good tray storage.


  • 20 mm size is omitted.
  • They could be floppy.
  • Inconsistent gripping power.

2. Dewalt Flare Nut Wrench Set (5 pieces)

The Dewalt flare nut wrench set (Model number DWMT719235) is a Taiwan-made flare nut wrench set. Its chamfered edge makes it easy to engage and disengage it from fasteners. The manufacturer of this wrench has taken into consideration the need for more grip so they came up with a stamped hashmark pattern on the wrench. This wrench is great and would deliver without breaking the bank.

This Dewalt Flare Nut Wrench Set consists of a set of 5 fully polished chrome wrenches with a 15° offset head which allows for an increased swing range in a tight space. They have easy-to-read size markings on both sides. They are a close runner-up with the Gearwrench set. They would resist wear and rusting to a great degree and are very strong even in the face of stiff fasteners.

The Dewalt wrench covers 10 different sizes which include 7 × 9 mm, 8 × 10 mm, 11 × 13 mm, 12 × 14 mm, 17 × 19 mm.


  • Great value-price match.
  • Fits into fasteners well.
  • Good finishing.


  • 15 mm and 16 mm were skipped.
  • Slippery when oily.
  • Label not durable.

3. OEM Tools Flex Head Flare Nut Set (6 pieces)

The OEM tool flex head wrench is a Taiwan-made metric flare nut wrench. When the desire for a flexible crowfoot tool that has a dynamic use across many jobs whether working in a mechanic shop on brake lines or plumbing at home comes to mind, this OEM set pops up quickly. It offers great wide use. It is a premium choice if you have to work on clutch slaves and tucked away master cylinders etc.

This OEM tool consists of 6 wrenches that are made of steel and finished with hard chrome and they flex 180° around. Their specialty is in their ability to be used to flare a nut without removing the wrench. Their slender size makes them look so portable and fit into small spaces. If you are looking for a jack of many trades, you can always count on this tool

They come in 6 different metric sizes that include 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, 15 × 17 mm, 16 × 18 mm, 19 × 21 mm.


  • Continuous screwing action.
  • Suitable for tight space.
  • Great storage case.


  • 20 mm was skipped
  • Requires frequent tightening.
  • Not for heavy-duty work.

4. Craftsman SAE and Metric Flare Nut Wrench Set (9 pieces)

The craftsman flare nut wrench set with model number 9-44096 is a professional standard plus metric wrench set. This wrench has a combination of 6 metric and 5 standard wrenches that are built to withstand rugged performance.

They can withstand wear due to prolonged use and are special because of the combination of both the metric and standard unit wrenches. With this wrench, you do not have to worry whether you are working on a German-made or American-made machine, it’s got your back.

For a person that does a lot of loosening and tightening of machines in both worlds of metric and SAE unit having a standard unit wrench for a standard unit machine and a metric unit wrench for a metric unit machine is a very efficient option so this is quite good. They come in a craftsman vinyl pouch but no case.

The metric size includes 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, 15 × 17 mm, and 19 × 21 mm, while the standard size includes 3/8 × 7/16 inches, 1/2 × 9/16 inches, 5/8 × 11/16 inches, and 3/4 × 7/8 inches.


  • 2-units-in 1 tool
  • Very rugged
  • Great value price match


  • Not suitable for tight space.
  • 16 mm and 18 mm were skipped.

5. Sunex Tool SAE and Metric Flare Wrench Set (9 pieces)

The Sunex tool 9809A flare wrench is a set of fully polished, drop-forged steel flare wrenches. They come with a 15° offset head and a chamfered end. They are particularly thick and therefore best for beginners. Like the craftsman 9 pieces flare wrench, they also have a combination of both SAE and metric units which makes them so cool.

They come in a canvas pouch and give a very good grip on fasteners due to their thick head. The thickness is a plus when you are looking for a manly grip on those nuts but it becomes a disadvantage if you have to work in tight spaces. The sizes of the various wrenches are stamped on the wrench and on the bag, which makes the tool easy to pick if it is returned to its right space.

The metric size includes 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, 15 × 17 mm, and 19 × 21 mm while the standard size includes 1/4 × 5/16 inches, 3/8 × 7/16 inches, 1/2 × 9/16 inches, and 5/8 × 11/16 inches.


  • Great value for money.
  • Nice head grip.
  • Durable
  • Rollable canvas storage.


  • Space restriction.
  • Inconsistent quality.
  • 16 mm and 18 mm skipped

6. William Double Head SAE Flare Nut Wrench Set (5 pieces)

This model is known for heavy-duty work. The William WS-14 is a satin-finished China-made set of flare wrenches. They have extra turning power due to recessed corners in the ends. Despite this perfect grip they are also known not to make marks on any fitting that they are used on.

If you are looking for something that can be used on bigger-sized nuts, they come in handy as they have a few bigger wrench sizes than other wrenches. A Bigger-sized wrench combined with a powerful grip makes them stand out amongst others as heavy-duty.

The sizes they come in are, 3/8 × 7/16 inches, 1/2 × 9/16 inches, 5/8 × 11/16, 3/4 × 1 inches, 7/8 × 11/8 inches.


  • Extra turning power.
  • Good hand grip
  • Good surface friction


  • No storage cases
  • Not suitable for tight spaces.

7. Genius Tool Flare Nut Wrench Set (6 pieces)

This Genius tool FN-006M is a metric set flare nut wrench made of chrome vanadium steel, fully polished, in Taiwan. It is the way to go if you are looking for a buddy for household chores, it would do the work like a champ they are designed to do well over a lifetime of heavy use.

They come in a durable and foldable nylon pouch and the size markings on each tool and the bag are clear and readable.

The different sizes they come in are 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, 15 × 17 mm, 16× 18 mm, and 19 × 21 mm.


  • Works like a champ.
  • Rollable storage bag.


  • They’re a little pricey

8. Crescent Flare Nut Wrench Set (3 pieces)

The Crescent CFNWS1 is a set of 3 fully polished chrome vanadium steel flare nut wrenches. They are made in China and have a decent quality. It is the wrench of choice if you are looking for a combination of good reputation and good working style. It prides itself in its ability to have a grip on all 6 sides of the fastener as compared to the 2 side grips of other traditional wrenches.

The powerful grip of this tool allows for more torque to be applied without slipping and it allows for easier repositioning after each turn. It has a good reputation and has always lived up to its reputation.

They come in 3 different sizes 9 × 11 mm, 10 × 12 mm, and 13 × 14 mm.


  • Great value for money
  • Good grip


  • Small size range

9. GreatNeck Flare Nut Wrench Set (3 pieces)

The GreatNeck flare nut wrench is a China-made metric flare nut set. This flare nut wrench is the best for small projects, mechanic repair, or maintenance service. It comes in 3 sets that are made from drop forged steel, plated with chrome, and fully polished to give a nice, easy to clean finish.

The GreatNeck wrench FNW3M is not built for a very difficult task so do not pick it for heavy-duty work, you may be disappointed. They are at their best when used for fastening nuts, tubing, gripping soft metallic fasteners, and other light repairs. They have clear size stamps on both sides and come in a rack.

The 3 different sizes they come in are 10 × 12 mm, 13 × 14 mm, and 15 × 17 mm.


  • Good on soft fasteners.
  • Great value price match.


  • Snaps/break under much torque.
  • A little oversized.
  • Small size range.
  • 11 mm and 16 mm were skipped

10. SATA Flare Nut Wrench (3 pieces)

The SATA metric flare nut line wrench is a China-made metric flare wrench. It comes in a set of 3 wrenches that are made from alloy steel, finished with chrome’ and fully polished. This product is still growing in awareness but already it shows a promising result.

The SATA metric flare nut wrench is a very useful tool for the removal or replacement of nuts on brakes, air condition lines and generally for working on lines whether by a mechanic or technician. It shows off its ability to grip 5 sides of any fastener and boasts of less slippage and rounding than a traditional crowfoot wrench.

They come in 3 different sizes 9 × 10 mm, 11 × 12 mm, and 13 × 14 mm. This is great as no size is skipped between 9 and 14. So if this is the range you would be working in and you don’t mind trying a new product you can go ahead with this. It would not disappoint.


  • Good grip
  • Great value-price match
  • Great potentials


  • Not versatile

Flare Nut Wrenches Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Buying Flare Nut Wrench

With the assessment above. You should be able to determine the right wrench for your activity. We cannot tell you to pick this wrench or the other wrench but we can show you what you should expect if you picked a particular wrench. Before you go to buy any of these wrenches, you should consider the following:

The Wrench Material

Flare wrenches would not be used for an easy job so the material should be very strong. Alloy steel, drop-forged steel, and vanadium steel are amongst the strongest, do not settle for less. The strength of the material would determine whether they would break on the first use or after 10 years.

Metric Unit or SAE Unit

You would need a metric set more if you are working on a machine that is made in a metric unit and you would need an SAE set if you work majorly on American-made machines. The metric set would come in millimeters (mm) while the SAE set would come in inches.

If you need a metric set then you have the choice of Gearwrench flare nut set-81906, Dewalt (DWMT719235), OEM tool-22064, Genius Tool- FN-006M, Crescent-CFNWS1, the GreatNeck – FNW3M, and the SATA-ST09033U. The William WS are SAE set while the Craftsman 9-44096, and Sunex tools 9809A provide a wide range combination of both metric and UAE set which could be very handy if you work on machines that comes from both worlds.

Kit Size

The size of the kit usually should not be a measurement that determines whether you would buy a wrench kit or not but if it is, there are varieties available ranging from the lighter 9.9 ounces 7×2×0.3 inches of the SATA Metric flare Nut Wrench to the heavier 3.1 pounds Craftsman set 11.8 ×5.3×2.4 inches.

Number of Pieces

This factor is very important when deciding to buy a flare nut wrench. If you have to work on a wider size range of fasteners, then you may consider the 9 piece, 6 pieces, or 5 pieces per set depending on the range you want. There are other sets that are only 3 pieces per set containing only important sizes. For those that work within this range, this would be worth considering as you would save some bucks that you would have spent on sizes that you do not need.

It is also important to note that some sizes were skipped in some of the toolsets, for instance, the GearWrench – 81906 skipped size 20 mm, the Dewalt – DWMT719253 skipped size 15 mm and 16 mm, and so on hence be sure to confirm that the set you would buy has the size you work with else you would end up wasting money on junk tools.

Tool Storage

This is another factor you may want to consider whether or not the tool comes in a good tray for storage and easy organization. Some like the GearWrench have celebrated rigid storage case, the tool is pushed in till it clicks and would not remove until someone does. Some also come in a foldable pouch like the Sunex 9809A while others like the SATA ST09033U come in white plastic bags.

If you want to save your time and energy and work efficiently, you can go with a modern impact wrench. We have picked best corded impact wrench that can save you from many hassles to fix the lug nut.


What is a flare nut wrench?

A flare nut wrench is a set of open-ended wrench designed for hexagonal nuts. These wrenches are suitable for working on different lines due to their ability to grip fasteners on 5 sides providing more gripping power. Despite their gripping power, they can be used on fasteners of soft materials without leaving a mark on them or rounding them.

Typically, these wrenches are two-sided which allows for continuous tightening and loosening without having to readjust after each turn. They are made from very strong material like steel alloy and are used on fuel lines, brake lines, air-conditioning lines, power steering systems, repair works, maintenance, and plumbing amongst others. They are also called the line wrench.

Crowfoot flare nut wrench vs flare nut wrench.

The crow-foot flare nut wrench like the Ampro-T42572 flare nut crowfoot wrench set is a typical crowfoot with a basic characteristic of no handle and an attachment hole for attaching other tools for them to perform optimally. On the other hand, the conventional flare nut wrenches are like the normal open-end wrench and have a handle hence they can be used without any additional tool.

Both have good gripping power and can hold a fastener on 5 sides however, due to the crowfoot attachment to the torque wrench, it can be used to deliver more precise torque hence they come in very handy where precision is very important such as in airplane construction.

Both are designed to access tight line spaces but some spaces may not accommodate the torque wrench while others would not allow the conventional flare nut wrench easy access. So access to tight space depends on the type of work you want to do and the machine design.

If you are hoping to buy one out of the crowfoot flare nut wrench and the conventional flare nut wrench, we would advise that you go for the ordinary flare nut wrench because they are more versatile. The conventional flare nut wrench has more frequent use than the crowfoot flare nut wrench.

Use of the crowfoot flare nut wrench

One special thing about the crowfoot wrench is its ability to work in tight spaces and its association with the torque wrench for precision work. Power steering lines can be tucked in a very tight space that only a tool like a crowfoot flare nut wrench and a ratchet would be able to reach easily.

What is a torque wrench?

A torque wrench is a device used to apply a predetermined torque to a fastener whether to loosen or to tighten them. They can be used alone or with other accessories like the crowfoot. Various part of a machine is built to withstand a set amount of force, if a fastener is used at that point, it should not exceed this force or the part would wear or buckle.

So it is good to apply the right force at that point using a torque wrench. Although the torque wrench is not very accurate, it is the best we’ve got. It does not take into consideration the friction between the fastener and the mating hole and it measures the bolt stretch instead of the bolt tension.

Related post: Best Torque Wrench for Gunsmith.

Uses of a torque wrench

  • They are used to deliver a predetermined force or torque.
  • They can be used for general tightening and loosening.
  • When transporting a large load in a plane or ship, the micrometer torque wrench is used as a scale.
  • The pneumatic torque wrench is used to remove stubborn nuts.
  • The hydraulic torque wrench is used in the aviation industry due to its high accuracy.
  • The electronic torque is used for quality control and documentation.
  • Modified click wrenches are used in some drills to prevent breaking the screw heads while tightening them.

Final Verdict

The best flare nut wrench is the GearWrench metric flare nut wrench (81906). It comes with next-level features such as great durability, versatility, easy to clean, corrosion, and wear-resistant surface. The flare nut wrench top pick also comes with a 15° wrench head offset for easy access to relatively tight spaces and stamped size markings on both sides for easy tool-size identification.

It would be worth every penny you spend on them. Those tight lines with stubborn nuts are just waiting for you to get the right tool and ‘Wholla’ they are loose. Do not go soft on price, an expensive flare nut is better than replacing a whole line due to a rounded nut. You may not always be lucky.

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