Best angle grinder blade for wood: Abenkle Grinder Saw Disc

Grinding is a cutting process that employs the use of an angle grinder. They have a wide application and use in wood, metal, and stone. With a very high rotational speed, they have blades that can chip pieces of the material to create a cut. We would discuss the Abenkle grinder saw disk which is the best blade you can use in an angle grinder for wood cutting.

Abenkle Grinder Saw Disc: Features and Benefit 


The Abenkle grinder saw disc is our pick for the best angle grinder for wood. I would call this tool the devil’s teeth. This 7.87 × 5.12 × 0.71-inch saw is no joke. It goes on grinding, of course, you cannot use it alone but in a good 4” or 4 ½ “angle grinder, this saw has no limit.


It is made of a very strong stainless-steel material which is very durable, hard, and resistant to the stress of continuous grinding.


What can this state of art tool be used for? It is perfect for sculpting, maneuvering, and working on any kind of wood, sculpting the inside and outside of the bowl with ease and precision. Some even say it is a great tool to be used on plastic, ice, and hard rubber.


When you use this blade to grind wood or plastic, you would need little sanding because the blade knows its job and does it very well. The blade has 22 ferocious ready-to-work teeth that save time due to their eagerness to finish the job without compromising the quality of the final work.

They are very sharp and you do not want to mess with them. You need to be careful when using them because they are very ferocious. They would cut through a wood regardless of how hard the wood is without breaking a sweat.


The Abenkle grinder saw disc has an anti-kickback mechanism which contributes to its safety. Kickback occurs when a rotating wheel suddenly hits an obstacle causing a rapid stalling of the rotating blade and forces the tool to move in an opposite direction to the rotation at the point of binding.

The wheel may jump towards or away from the operator depending on the direction of rotation of the wheel at the point of pinching. If you use the Abenkle grinder saw disc, you would notice that kickback is greatly reduced due to its design. Although, you still need to be very careful while using this blade to cut wood.

This grinder saw disk can withstand up to 14,000 RPM which is more than what most angle grinders can do so it is perfectly safe to use. When an angle grinder is running at peak speed this saw disc had the extra strength to withstand more.

The best part is that you would feel relaxed like nothing has happened. It does the work while you enjoy the product, the piece that you dreamed of. You just need to show the direction and it brings your dream to reality.

How do you cut wood with a grinder?

Grinders are used on metals and masonry although they can be used on wood the process needs extreme caution. They rotate at a speed of 11,000 – 12,000 RPM and a little mistake can quickly get uncontrollable.

Even with the Abenkle grinder saw disc specifically designed for wood cutting and grinding, it is still very dangerous. Despite the danger involved, if you still want to use it to cut wood, then you should follow some steps that ensure your safety.

  • Always point the wheel guard down to protect your fingers
  • Use the grinder at an angle just enough for the blade to sink into the material.
  • The teeth should point in the direction of the tool spin so that it takes the work head-on. You can confirm this by making sure the arrow direction on the grinding wheel and the grinder are in the same orientation.
  • Secure the grinding wheel tightly and make sure to unplug the grinder before changing the blade.
  • Hold the tool away from yourself when you are working with it or when it is connected to an electric supply.
  • The blade cuts whatever it touches hence the need for extreme caution.

The cutting process

  • Mark the cut line to give a path to follow.
  • Hold the tool with both hands and away from you.
  • Use the blade guard as a pelvic and set the bottom edge of the guard on the material you want to cut.
  • Slowly rotate the blade down into the workpiece.
  • The direction of cutting is from the far end of the piece towards you.
  • Start at the fore-end of the piece and draw it back slowly towards you.
  • If the piece is thick, it may need a repeated pass.

Using the handle grinder for wood shaping

  • Hold the blade flat with both hands.
  • Carefully use the leading edge to lightly gouge wooden surfaces.

You can use the angle grinder to gouge a wood but when it comes to cutting a block of wood, it becomes quite technical. Wood peels away like butter when an angle grinder is used on it for carving.

It takes away the material with a smooth and delicate touch. Angle grinders can also be used for wood notching and to create grooves of various depths.

Review from Users

Among the user of this Abenkle grinder saw disc, 65% of them left a 5-star review, and an extra 20% left a 4-star review. 7%, 3%, and 2% of the reviewers gave 3-, 2-, and 1-star reviews respectively.

People that enjoyed its use used it for branch trimming, roughing out projects for lathe, general-purpose carving on hardwood such as walnut, cherry, maple, and aspen wood.

They all stress out the need for experience to use this saw disk and to wear protective gear. They also mentioned how it is dangerous to use it to cut wood and should be approached with extreme caution.


This machine is very sharp and has only one goal and that is to cut. You should remember that I called it the devil’s teeth and it does not choose the material it works on. They are all the same even any part of the body so you have to operate it with extreme caution. I cannot stress this enough.

Aside from safety, it is a great tool to use for cutting and grinding wood. The quality, durability, and toughness of the material are without question only your safety.

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