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I am Jason and I am very enthusiastic about power tools and their mechanism. This site is an abode for people of like minds that share such enthusiasm. We are very friendly and take our reader’s views very seriously, we encourage interactions and are very open to suggestions and comments.

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Why We Started Noisy Tools

Noisytools.com is a power tool site born from a fusion of experience, enthusiasm, and need. Due to the need for a piece of up-to-date information on tools especially because many people do not have the time to research for this information themselves, we have then decided to bridge this information gap with our enthusiasm and experience hence the creation of the site.

Readers can now have a piece of summarized guide information about different power tools for an up-to-date knowledge or as a guide to purchasing the tool that best suit their need.

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Our Mission

To give the best review on any power tool.

To help our readers purchase the right tool for their work.

Our Vision

To be the best online tool review site with an estimated 10 million readers by 2025.

How We Choose the Best Products

noisytools.com has a knowledge bank of more than 10 years of experience in the area of construction but we do not rely solely on this. We usually survey the tool we choose to write on based on our perceived reader’s needs or from their suggestions.

A survey carried out on the tool from hands-on users provides primary information about its features, specification, performance, best, and worst. From this data collected in comparison to our knowledge bank, we are then able to come up with the best tool to fit different categories we have such as best overall tool, best budget tool, the premium choice, the best tool for professionals, the best for beginners, and the also growing brand.

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Our Reviews and Research Methodology

Data gathered about the power tool from the survey, online information from the tool company’s site, and online reviews from trusted sites like Amazon are used to compute a thorough review of the product.

A typical review starts with the survey, then it goes through our competent content writers for processing to give a great article, it is then verified before it is finally published. These 3 staged processes make the information we provide at powertools.com very authentic, verifiable, and dependable.

Usually, it takes about 2 weeks for a complete review from survey to final publish but this is usually worth it when we see our readers making the right power tool choices just by reading our article. We are happy that our readers are happy and that is what counts.

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Why Trust Us?

Noisy Tools is dedicated to making honest reviews and we are not paid to promote any tool.

Our aim to give the best information possible to update our reader’s knowledge and to assist them to make the right power tool choice is what inspires us and all our articles are tailored to this end.

We associate with the tool’s site and trusted sites like amazon to deliver the best-informed article. We are here for you and it is important to us that you are here.

Our competent team which comprises many people provides our knowledge bank of more than 10 years of experience.

We are good at what we do and we do it for you so be free to browse the site for whatever information you want on any power tool.

Get in Touch

Should you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please be free to reach out to us through contact and our competent staff would be in touch soon. We love your contributions and we would be willing to learn. Warmest regards.